These Banana Moon Two Piece Swimsuits Are Giving Summer-Ready Vibes


las, swimsuit season is almost upon us and if legs-out, tummy out, beach days are your favorite, then the hunt for functional yet eye-catching two pieces swimsuits should be on top

of your shopping list already. The current capricious spring weather might create a speckle of doubt when swimwear shopping comes to mind but be assured warmer days are indeed ahead. This enthusiasm evokes actions geared towards ringing out every bikini day ahead of time. The thoughts of packing up for vacations and perhaps, baecations especially after two full layering seasons become a mental focal point, and for good reasons.

What’s more warm-weather-appropriate than relaxed dames at the beach in snazzy two piece swimsuits and straw hats watching the sunset and sipping on their favorite cocktails? More piña colada! The good news is you won’t have to worry about where to find the best swimsuits this season––we’ve already done that for you. Yes ladies, we found a wide collection of the best women’s two piece swimsuits on Banana Moon. And now, all you need to do is book that flight for your sweet summer escape.

Why a Banana Moon women’s two piece swimsuit?

With European founders and Californian stylist Nat Maori being the brains behind the 1984-born brand, the multicultural influence on the designs is an obvious observation that births the best of two worlds. The brand has since become known for their statement bikinis and beachwear which combine a resolutely Californian look and European know-how. An abundance of bold statement prints and vibrant colors, which easily define the label, keeps the design options nearly limitless. In addition to a wide range of women’s two piece swimsuits, the brand offers ready-to-wear lingerie and a horde of accessories that elegantly combine sporty-casual style, a sexy bohemian vibe, and an added touch of freshness. It’s safe to say your summer 2022 bikini slay game is done and dusted.

From a couture and cruise line to a teen collection to sporty designs, there’s a Banana Moon two-piece swimsuit for every personality. Consider it a family affair as the brand also offers designs for children and men. Little wonder why celebrities, influencers and international fashion magazines have since cozied up to the brand.

In anticipation of stable sunny days––either for a beach-nic (picnic at the beach) or pool deck lounging, we’ve curated a few Banana Moon women’s two piece swimsuits that are as utilitarian as they are fancy.

Check out how to sport these Banana Moon women’s two piece swimsuits in full vacay mode…

#1. The crochet calm for Saint Lucia

Match the cool energy of a slinky crochet swimwear with the relaxed theme Anse Chastanet resort, Saint Lucia boasts. Crochet is proof that fashion is a cyclic phenomenon. One day it’s a grandma’s favorite, and the next season, every baddie has these pieces packed for a complete summer experience.


#2. A floral women’s two piece swimsuit is every girl’s favorite

There’s no cliché felt slipping into floral swimsuits and exploring the beaches. It’s indeed a traditional fave with a contemporary twist––and worth buying into. Honestly, did you pass the summer vibe check without floral swimwear? The answer is NO!

#3. A neon bath in Turks and Caicos

The luxurious atmosphere in Turks and Caicos will prompt a maximalist beach lifestyle. Think wider brims for your hats, statement sunshades, and a luxe neon Banana Moon swimsuit to stand out in a swarm of rich and boujee socialites. From Miami to Marrakech, a two piece swimsuit like this one is sure to make waves.


#4. Summer in California is “Tie Dye” for

Tie dye is arguably the universal print of the summer season. From teenagers to older ladies, we can all agree that every body looks cool in tie dye. It returned with a modern bang and placed its anchor at the center of all things summer. In this light, update your swimsuit collection with Banana Moon’s tie-dye beauties for that delightful Californian getaway.


#5. Color block your way into Miami

If you’re still sleeping on the color blocking trend, then a good place to alter the inertia is through the vibrant jolt of color blocking. If your idea of a summer beach day includes some party girl behavior, a splash of color will keep your spirits high and style on fleek.


#6. All-white ready for Santa Maria

The all-white women’s two piece swimsuit is a perfect match for a luxe boat cruise. Throw on a lightweight kimono and stony shades for the perfect Santa Maria beach trip. If you’re considering Santa Maria beach for real, not to worry, it’s one of the cleanest beaches in the world, and your pristine swimwear would get home in one piece (or maybe two).


#7. Animal prints to the rescue in Vegas

This option evokes wild wild wild thoughts––or maybe it’s just my imagination. Whatever it is, be in pure sync with the wild city of Vegas or any other adventure destination of your choice in animal prints swimwear. Girls, what happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but an animal print women’s two piece swimsuit is that loyal bet for an adventurous season anywhere fun pools and beaches reside.

#8. A flowy skirt for the breezy Seychelles beaches

Taking a trip to Africa? Connect with the picture-perfect potential of a flowy skirt paired with a floral crop top and beach hat, especially on beaches with billowy palm trees and granite boulders like Seychelles’. Talk about easy, breezy, beautiful.


#9. A striped women’s two piece swimsuit for the Hamptons

Stripes create an accentuating illusion on the silhouette and are well deserving of a spot in your travel bag. From micro stripes to vertical mixed with horizontal ones, these dopamine-inducing women’s two piece swimsuits are a perfect fit for the Hamptons fun.


#10. A comfy sweatsuit for cooler beach days

What’s a perfect way to choose comfort without going low on style? Not just a bag filled with statement bikinis, but also an ultra-chic Banana Moon sweatsuit. This on-trend must-have can be worn for activities like beachside volleyball and a drink date at the pool, especially when the temperatures suddenly drop and no one is ready to head back to the hotel. Quick tip: leave the zip open to keep your bikini in the game.

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