Caffeinated Shampoo Bars - Centred's Altered State Solid Shampoo Bar Strengthens & Moistures Hair (

Centred's Altered State Solid Shampoo Bar is a waste-reducing natural haircare product that cleanses, strengthens and moisturizes without creating excess waste. The bar shampoo is enriched with ingredients like organic flower waters,
aloe vera, caffeine and a coconut-derived cleanser to support the hair and scalp alike.

Thanks to the product's highly concentrated formula, the solid shampoo bar lasts up to 60 washes without the need to accumulate plastic bottles in the process. The high-performing cleanser is made with 98.25% naturally derived ingredients and it boasts a signature sweet citrus fragrance. Alternatively, the product is also available in an all-white fragrance-free version with an even higher percentage of naturally derived ingredients. Unlike some natural cleansers, this one creates a rich lather yet does not rely on ingredients such as sulphate and silicones.

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