Plant-Powered Dry Shampoos - Batiste Naturally Refreshes Hair with Bamboo Fibre & Rice Starch (

Batiste Naturally gently refreshes hair in between washes, restores movement and removes excess oil with natural ingredients like tapioca and rice starch. The natural cleaning powders can be found in three alluring
natural scents: green tea and chamomile, bamboo fibre and gardenia and coconut milk and hemp seed oil. The plant-powered products leverage 100% natural extracts to deliver an enhanced sense of clean, and they do so in packs that are recyclable.

Additionally, the new and vegan-friendly dry shampoos from the brand make the most of 40% less packaging. With formulas that are free from dyes and sulfates, the invisible finish plant-powered dry shampoos share simple solutions for refreshing hair on the go and as needed, and without any water.

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