Hair Thickening Serums - The Nue Co. Offers the SUPA_THICK Topical Scalp Supplement Serum (

The Nue Co. offers consumers its SUPA_THICK topical scalp serum. As the winter months persist, it's common for the scalp to become dry and itchy, which can sometimes impact the amount of
hair the scalp produces. Those noticing hair thinning would greatly benefit from this thickening scalp supplement.

The Nue Co. recommends using the serum before washing and massaging it into the scalp while the hair is dry. Consumers should leave the treatment in their hair for 20 minutes and follow up with washing the hair as usual. This should be repeated 2-3 times per week for the best results. The topical scalp treatment is designed to reduce hair shedding, strengthen, and build thicker hair with more body and volume.

Image Credit: The Nue Co.

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