Affordable Scalp Care Solutions - Arkive is a Hair Care Range from Hairstylist Adam Reed (

Arkive is a universal head care range for "you, yours and theirs" by hairstylist Adam Reed and it's accessibly priced to support the health of the hair, starting with the scalp. There
are 11 products in the range, including shampoos and conditioners, scalp scrubs, masks and styling products. These products for all hair types aim to transform the way people think about their hair care routines. As Reed describes, "I want people to create rituals out of washing their hair, and switch a mundane chore into a rewarding self-care treat.”

Scent can play a big part in soothing self-care experiences and the products are offered in two signature scents: No One Elsie and Future Bloom, both inspired by his childhood memories. There's also a fragrance-free option for those who may be sensitive to certain ingredients or scents.

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