Aloe Vera-Powered Detangling Sprays - The Detangling Spray by T.Miché Collection is Multi-Functional (

One can find the Aloe Vera Detangling Spray at MyHairToo | MySkinToo—a Toronto-born marketplace for natural beauty products and accessories made by small businesses, owned by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
(BIPOC). This particular offering is the work of US-based T Miché Collection—a brand that offers natural hair products that stimulate growth and repair damages.

T Miché Collection's 100% Aloe detangling spray provides an easy and fuss-free detangling experience while also adding an extra dose of moisturization to hair. In doing so, the formula promotes healthier-looking hair. It also soothes the dry scalp, itching, and reduces the appearance of dandruff.

T Miché Collection recommends that one separates their hair into four parts and spray as needed.

Image Credit: MyHairToo | MySkinToo

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