Instant Recovery Leave-In Serums - JVN Boasts a Vegan and Intensely Nourishing Treatment (

This recovery leave-in serum by JVN is "intensely nourishing [and] transformative." The product is geared toward helping restore and smooth stressed-out hair. It addresses concerns such as heat protection, straightening and smoothing,
damage, split ends, and breakage. The product comes with a silky and lightweight texture. It is also clinically tested in a controlled study with bleached hair swatches.

Known as the 'Complete Instant Recovery Heat Protectant Leave-In Serum,' JVN's formula includes Squalane and Hemi-squalane which work to improve hair health and strengthen it, as well as Niacinamide (a renowned ingredient that supports keratin repair while boosting shine and volume), and Charged-Lemon Protein for protection against heat-styling and environmental factors.

The recovery leave-in serum features a fully vegan formula that is cruelty-free and which comes in recyclable packaging.

Image Credit: Sephora

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