Gently Cleansing Shampoos - Fat and the Moon Offers a Low-Lather and Extremely Gentle (

Family-owned Fat and the Moon boasts a gently cleansing shampoo that does not "strip your mane of moisture." The formula promotes balance for the scalp and leaves one with luscious, soft, and
bouncy locks. Key ingredients include Elderberry Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Algae Extract, and more. Fat and the Moon also include Essential oil of Frankincense, Petitgrain, Orange, and Yuzu for a more refreshing feeling.

The gently cleansing shampoo, which is titled the 'Day to Day Shampoo' and available on sustainable marketplace Way of Being, also comes in eco-friendly packaging. In place of plastic, the company uses an aluminum bottle with a tiny metal screw cap. The only thing that is plastic is the pump.

Image Credit: Way of Being

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