Skincare-Themed Haircare Expansions - Dove Hair Therapy Extends it's Product Range (

Dove Hair Therapy, the revolutionary haircare line, recently announced a new strategic partnership with iconic Canadian Drag Queen, Priyanka, and haircare expert Kirsten Klontz. The new initiative aims to "encourage Canadians to
ask more of their hair, with potent but gentle haircare solutions for an instant confidence boost!"

Priyanka has teamed up with Dove Hair Therapy to give Canadians the confidence they need while strengthening their hair. The TikTok haircare vlogger is best known for her lip-syncing tutorials and her appearances on Canada's Drag Race. She knows the importance of haircare in your daily life. Kirsten Klontz, on the other hand, is a renowned celebrity hairstyle who is well versed on the difference premium ingredients can have on your hair.

Together, the pair worked with Dove to launch three new variants to the Dove Hair Therapy line. These include the Strength & Fullness Boost Shampoo & Conditioner, the Soft-Styling 7-in-1 Miracle Mist, and the Soft-Styling Leave-on Brilliant Gloss & Repair serum.

Two new soft stylers, which let you treat your hair as you style it, offer a regime that strengthens, smoothes and visibly repairs your hair using high-potency skincare ingredients and innovative new formats that deliver instant results.

Image Credit: Dove

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