Eco-Positive Lightweight Hair Serums - The Cosmocap by Remilia Hair Leaves the Hair Shining (

The Cosmocap is Remilia Hair's latest eco-conscious offering. The Italian hair brand celebrates the power of shine with its plastic-free product. The hair capsule boasts a lightweight serum treatment designed to transform
dry and damaged hair to look and feel healthy and strong.

Made in Italy, the Cosmocap is expertly crafted to increase the hair's shine while reducing frizz. The formula aims to nourish and restore the hair while preventing it from further damage, like breakage and split ends.

The formula is encapsulated into seaweed capsules rather than plastic or gelatin. Moreover, the product is safe on keratin-treated, color-treated, and chemically-treated hair. Cosmocap is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made without parabens or additional fillers for the best results.

Image Credit: Cosmocap

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