Recyclable Haircare Bottles - Rhyme & Reason's Recycled & Recyclable Packaging Targets "Wishcycling" (

A recent survey carried out by the eco-friendly haircare brand Rhyme & Reason revealed the practice of "Wishcycling," with 67% of people admitting to regularly disposing of packaging in the hopes that
it will be recycled, without fully understanding if it can be. While the majority of survey participants also reported feeling happier about their contributions when they are able to recycle, many consumers find it difficult to make sure that product packaging ends up in the right place.

Knowing that most environmentally aware consumers want to do their part, the brand makes the most of 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, so that both the bottle and the cap can be put straight into the recycling without the need to separate the bottle from the label and the cap.

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