Rejuvenating Touch-Up Cosmetics - SeneGence Launches Two Products to Revitalize Hair and Makeup (

SeneGence launches two new items to help users rejuvenate their hair, and makeup looks throughout the week. The new products include the glow-enhancing Glowiy Illuminating Moisture Mist and the brand's first Dry

The Glowify Illuminating Moisture Mist boasts a lightweight yet moisturizing mist. It provides users with a subtle dewy glow that works to refresh makeup and provide an added layer of moisture to the complexion. Users can apply the product on its own, over makeup, or paired with a moisturizer. In addition, the mist is available in two shades, Champaign Glow and Bronze Glow.

Moreover, SeneGence launched its first Dry Shampoo, made with a translucent formula that leaves the hair looking clean and volumized.

Image Credit: SeneGence

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