Y2K-Inspired Hair Products - Emi Jay Releases 'Be Ready in 5' Hair Essentials Collection (TrendHunter.com)

Hair accessories brand Emi Jay has launched a new collection called ‘Be Ready in 5,’ featuring a wide range of hair essentials to improve your morning and night. The collection includes gemstone-decorated
Paddle Brushes, with other colors like ‘Zebra,’ ‘Tortoise,’ and ‘Leche’ perfect for adding some magic to your everyday hair care routine. The collection also features product revivals such as the brand’s bestseller ‘Big Effing Clip’ in colors like ‘Buttercream’ and ‘Toasted,’ and the bold ‘Popstar Clips’ for any Y2K-inspired look. You can even get a matching ‘Cloud Headband’ and ‘Cloud Scrunchie’ set to keep the hair out of your face for late-night skincare routines.

The perfect and effortless ‘Be Ready in 5’ collection by Emi Jay is available now on HBX and the Emi Jay website.

Image Credit: Emi Jay

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