Onion-Based Haircare - Nykaa Natural Haircare's Shampoo & Conditioner Pairs Onion & Fenugreek (TrendHunter.com)

Nykaa Beauty's newly launched Nykaa Natural Haircare range includes shampoo and conditioner in varieties like Apple Cider Vinegar & Ginger and other unique varieties like Onion & Fenugreek. The ingredient-led solutions are
formulated to serve specific purposes, as the ingredients are packed with beneficial vitamins, compounds and properties. While the shampoo and conditioner set with apple cider vinegar and ginger is touted as an anti-dandruff remedy, the one with fenugreek and onion is bundled as a solution for hair growth.

Ideal for those who are concerned with hair fall, the onion-based shampoo and conditioner share the benefits of sulphir-rich onion to boost the production of collagen and keratin, while protein-packed fenugreek lends the benefits of Vitamin B3 and helps to increase the amount of blood circulation to the scalp.

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