Plastic-Free Multitasking Oils - The Superfuel Face, Hair and Body Oil Can Be Used Everywhere (

We Are Paradoxx created a multitasking botanical face, hair and body oil that helps to simplify routines and free up space, as it does the duty of three separate products in one.
The product, packaged in a plastic-free container, can be used for whole-body skincare and nourishing hair.

The Superfuel Face, Hair & Body Oil is powered by argan oil for "supreme hydration." As a skincare ingredient, argan oil is neither too light or too heavy, which makes it perfect for all skin types. For hair, it's packed with benefits for fighting frizz and boosting shine.

Launching soon, the all-in-one botanical oil promises to be appealing to those who are passionate about skip-care and condensing their self-care products by getting more value out of single products.

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