Ritualistic Dry Shampoos - The Dry Shampoo by Crown Affair Reimagines the Application Process (TrendHunter.com)

Unlike many dry shampoos that are designed to be applied quickly for fast oil absorption on the go, The Dry Shampoo by Crown Affair invites people to slow down and appreciate this
part of their haircare ritual. The product takes the form of a loose powder that can be applied with a brush, then worked through the hair with the fingertips.

The Dry Shampoo promises to be "like nothing you’ve used before," especially since it is more silky than gritty and it leaves hair voluminous, silky soft, and clean-feeling. Some of the ultra-nourishing ingredients that are included in the product include tapioca starch (an alternative to talc) Japanese persimmon powder and tsubaki seed oil. The powdered product also shares an uplifting, delicate scent thanks to yuzu, bergamot and lemongrass.

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