Opulent Technology Tracker Tags - The Apple AirTag Hermes Travel Tag is Fashionably Finished (TrendHunter.com)

The Apple AirTag Hermes travel tag is a new accessory from the fashion house for use with the namesake item tracker that will provide fashion-forward consumer with a way to keep a
closer eye on their belongings.

The tag is constructed using Fawn Barenia calfskin and features a dedicated section for the tracker as well as a see-through section on one side for inputing owner information. The tag can be easily attached onto any luggage piece or even handbag to discreetly hide the advanced tracker technology into one's lifestyle.

The Apple AirTag Hermes travel tag builds on the continued success of the partnership between the two brands and is priced at $699 for discerning early adopters to pick up now for immediate use.

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