Space-Themed Futuristic Footwear - The Raf Simons In-House (RUNNER) Range is Full of Unique Shapes (

Raf Simons launched an in-house footwear series entitled (RUNNER) and it is full of unique silhouettes such as streamlined zippered boots, chunky sneaker silhouettes, and sleek slip-on footwear as well. The main
theme of the latest designs are drawn from the idea of space and the concepts that surround it.

Specifically, the Solaris bot in black is a elasticated slip-on silhouette that references 'Solaris.' Another example is the Antei sneaker that is inspired by the Antei System from 'Star Wars.' The white boots entitled the 'Cylon' are specifically named after the 'Battlestar Galactica's warring robots.' There is also a Stanley Kubrick design in the form of the tonal purple '2001' boots that launched originally last month in a soft supple construction.

Image Credit: Machine-A

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