Grape-Made Vegan Leather Jackets - A Kind of Guise's 'Bondadoso Jacket' is Made From Recycled Grapes (

Munich-based fashion label A Kind of Guise has launched its first exclusive Spring item, a vegan leather jacket made from recycled grapes and vegetable oils, dubbed the Bondadoso Jacket.

To create

the new piece, A Kind of Guise teamed up with VEGEA, a biomaterial producer specializing in sustainable textiles and fabrics. Made in Italy, the new jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester and features four metal loops in each armpit to create ideal air ventilation. In addition, the jacket features adjustable straps that can be found on either side of the jacket and two big patch pockets on both breasts. Meanwhile, lining the Bondadoso Jacket is the brand's new “Paisley Medellin” pattern.

For those interested, The Bondadoso Jacket is now available on A Kind Of Guise's website, where it retails for €795.

Image Credit: A Kind of Guise

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