Digi-Physical NFT Earrings - Digital Twin's Genesis NFT Drop Introduces 18K Gold Diamond Earrings (TrendHunter.com)

To encourage more women to enter the NFT space, Digital Twin founders Adrianna and Natalie Soto-Wright (and twin sisters) are introducing the Genesis NFT drop. The unique pair of Limitless Earrings exist
in both physical and digital worlds and the L'Dezen exclusive 18K gold Very Peri enamel diamond earrings have been named in honor of Women's History Month.

The earrings exclusively designed for Digital Twin will never be created again and they give a collector the chance to redeem their NFT for physical ownership. Increasingly, NFTs are being used to highlight the provenance of products.

As it stands, just 16% of non-fungible tokens in the market trace back to female artists and with this initiative and others, Digital Twin is on a mission to change this.

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