Retro-Futuristic Fashion - AMBUSH Showcased Its Otherworldly Fall/Winter 2022 Collection in Milan (

During Milan Fashion Week, AMBUSH, a contemporary Japanese jewelry label founded by VERBAL and YOON, showcased its Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

Based on the exciting runway show, it appears the new collection

will continue the brand's penchant for retro-futuristic themes and otherworldly designs. The presentation saw models wearing a variety of garments ranging from cartoon-like platform shoes and square-shouldered suits to fluffy oversized hats and padded vests.

However, the majority of the standout pieces fell into the outerwear category. Cropped moto jackets, shearling-accented blazers, calf coats, and boiler suits were all highlight items. Of course, boxy tailoring -- an AMBUSH signature -- was bountiful as well. Rounding out the collection were some new universe-themed jewelry pieces and a selection of three-strapped Mary Jane sneakers.

Image Credit: AMBUSH

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