Luxury Cognac-Branded Fashion - Hennessy Launches the 'Hennessy Very Special in Motion' Collection (

Luxury cognac brand Hennessy has partnered with French hip-hop dance duo Les Twins to launch its first-ever fashion collection titled Hennessy Very Special in Motion. The new capsule was developed by the
dancers in collaboration with French fashion designer Stéphane Ashpool.

The expansive 15-piece collection incorporates the styles and aesthetic sensibilities of both Les Twins brothers, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois. As the twins explain, the collection consists of "great cuts, discreet twists and some pieces that are more ‘Laurent’ or more ‘Larry’ but that will always fit perfectly with every wearer’s style.”

In addition, all of the pieces are gender-neutral and follow luxury design codes that align with Hennessy's brand image. Notable pieces in the capsule include a sleek bomber jacket fitted with a double bras armé logo, leather cargo pants, and a distressed gray denim jacket.

Image Credit: Hennessy

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