Global Metaverse Fashion Shows - Decentraland is Set to Host the Inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week (

Leading metaverse platform Decentraland has announced that it will be hosting its first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week, which will be publicly open starting March 24. The digital-only show will not require a ticket
to attend, making it accessible to anyone with a Decentraland account.

Brands and investors will have the opportunity to rent or purchase plots of digital land where they can then facilitate virtual shows, concerts, parties, and more. Visitors will have the option to directly buy digital-only apparel from their favorite brands via an Ethereum-supporting wallet. So far, numerous fashion startups have signed up for the show as well some legacy luxury houses, including Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger.

“We do this to show the community and other brands, ‘Hey, Decentraland is a place for shopping, everyone is wearing cool clothes and brands can release on the platform.’ It’s a way of bringing more people to the platform and making it more compelling for users," said Sam Hamilton, creative director of Decentraland Foundation, in a recent press statement.

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