Water-Ready Luxury Clogs - Balenciaga and Crocs Released the 'Pool Slide' Collection of Footwear (TrendHunter.com)

Balenciaga has released a new collaborative footwear line with Crocs, titled the 'Pool Slide collection.' This marks the second collaboration between the two brands in 2022, with the first being Balenciaga's punk-style
'HardCrocs' from February. The clogs in the Pool Slide collection have a unique curved design that provides more stability and grip to the wearer.

The Pool Slide collection is intended to be worn near the pool or the beach. The brand opted to equip the clogs with an open-toe design to let the wearer feel the water or sand, that they are walking on. The items in this collection come in a variety of colorways from plain colors like yellow or black to detailed, intricate floral patterns.

Customers can purchase the Pool Slide clogs for $565 USD at Balenciaga's online store.

Image Credit: Balenciaga

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