Global Crisis Fashion Shows - Balenciaga's Autumn Winter 2022 Range is Dedicated to Climate and War (

Balenciaga is dedicating its Autumn Winter 2022 collection to global crises. The last two years have seen the decline of global stability through the ongoing climate crisis, the pandemic, and now the
war in Ukraine. The luxury label showcases its new collection at the Paris Fashion Week show with a dedication to Ukraine and the climate crisis.

The show's set design was created to reference the ongoing climate issues. It features a human-made blizzard within a cylindrical, glass-walled structure designed in collaboration with Niklas Bildstein Zaar. To show its solidarity with Ukrain, Balenciaga decorated the audience's chairs with oversized t-shirts rendered in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The show plays on the idea of a snow globe that preserves a memory; similarly, Balenciaga is preserving the memory of the climate crisis and Ukraine's struggle.

Image Credit: Balenciaga

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