Pen-Inspired Leather Collections - Montblanc Launches Its New Meisterstück Leather Capsule (

German luxury fashion label Montblanc has launched the Meisterstück leather collection, a luxury carrying capsule designed by the brand's new artistic director Marco Tomasetta.

The sleek set of offerings is inspired by

the brand's signature pen and features several subtle nods to Montblanc's heritage. As a whole, the capsule delivers notably rounder shapes and deeper blacks than the brand's previous leather collections. The new range includes smaller pieces such as a compact wallet and key pouch, as well as larger handbags, including the Neo Briefcase -- a contemporary take on the old-school satchel.

Again, all of the pieces draw directly from the design of Montblanc's namesake pen. Tomasetta explains:

“By mirroring some of its distinguishing features like the nib itself, as well as the color and shine of the pen’s precious resin with its smooth sensual touch, we have created pieces that truly stand out. Not simply because of their elevated design, but because they clearly showcase Montblanc’s DNA."

Image Credit: Montblanc

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