Futuristic Jewelry Collections - 'Cyb3rW3nch' Debuted the 'Psychic Armor' Modern Jewelry Collection (TrendHunter.com)

'Cyb3rW3nch,' the New York-based, future-facing jewelry label, has launched a new collection named 'Psychic Armor.' The Psychic Armor collection includes fingertip rings, ear cuffs, and a septum ring. The items in the
collection are futuristic in design, which is achieved through the use of chromatic silvers and unique geometric shapes.

The fingertip rings are rings that are worn at the base of the wearers' fingernails. A fingernail-shaped jewelry piece then extends forward in a way that appears to replace the wearer's regular fingernails in favor of chromatic silver plates shaped like fingernails.

The ear cuffs in the collection clip onto the top of the outer ear to add a level of futuristic style to complete a look. When wearing each item in the collection, the model resembles a futuristic, elven fantasy character. The Psychic Armor collection is available for purchase at Cyb3rW3nch's online store for prices around $175 USD.

Image Credit: Cyb3rW3nch

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