Monochromatic Reflective Sneakers - Givenchy Unveiled Two New Colorways for its 'Monumental Mallow' (

Givenchy has unveiled the 'Reflective Rubber' and 'Shiny Rubber' colorways for its 'Monumental Mallow' sneaker line. The Monumental Mallow sneakers feature a unique monochromatic design that resembles a shoe wrapped in a
shiny nylon material. The shoes are ultra-minimalist with only a few subtle markings on the toe vamp, heel, and midsole to accentuate the body of the shoe.

The Reflective Rubber colorway wraps the entire shoe in a chromatic silver material, while the Shiny Rubber colorway opts for a metallic golden material. The Shiny Rubber colorway features a hue of darker "sand" colors that make the shoe appear weathered and vintage. The two new Monumental Mallow sneakers are available now at Givenchy's online store for $900 CAD or $695 USD.

Image Credit: Givenchy

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