Vibrant Green Luxury Timepieces - 'H. Moser' Launched a Lime Green Timepiece for $27,600 USD (

'H. Moser,' the luxury timepiece manufacturer based in Switzerland, has unveiled the 'Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept Lime Green' limited-edition watch. This watch features a textured dial with three different pigments of lime
green utilized to create an ombre effect going toward the center. The pigments are individually placed on the dial by a master artisan at H. Moser. The remainder of the watch has a minimalist design with no face indicators on the dial. The bezel, minute, and hour are metallic gold to create a premium look, while the seconds hand is purple.

The purple seconds hand is used to symbolize the brand's 'HMC 200' self-winding automatic movement system, which ensures the calibration and accuracy of the watch. Lastly, the crown of the watch has an "M" adorned on it to represent the H. Moser name. This watch can be purchased from H. Moser's online store for $27,600 USD.

Image Credit: H. Moser

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