High-Tech Smart Mattresses - The Ghost SmartBed Boasts Patented Sleep Technology (TrendHunter.com)

Patented sleep technology has been on the rise in the sleep sector as more consumers are mindful of getting a restful night and increasing their energy during the day. The Ghost SmartBed
is one of those products on the market that gives consumers peace of mind with optimal comfort settings.

GhostBed promises "the best sleep yet" with a strategic combination of patented sleep technology and patented cooling features. The smart mattress is complete with biometric sensors that work to collect pressure data in real-time. This data allows for the mattress to "automatically adjust to your position as you sleep." The brand includes adjustable air chambers and sensors on each side of the piece. These allow for personalized comfort when one is sharing the bed with their partner.

Image Credit: GhostBed

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