Virtual Fashion Show Venues - Voxel Designed a Digital Building for Metaverse Fashion Week (

Metaverse Fashion Week will take place in Decentraland's virtual world thanks to Voxel Architects who designed the venue space. Voxel collaborated with Auroboros, a digital fashion brand, to create a rocket-shaped virtual
building that will host the event in the browser-based luxury fashion district.

The virtual building was designed to encourage exploration and interaction among guests. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the collection and Auroboros as well as engage in a virtually-exclusive manner that is otherwise inaccessible in the tangible world. Moreover, the space is inspired by organic, mystical shapes, as the co-founders of Auroboros explain. Six of the fashion brand's latest digital clothing looks will be shown during the show.

Image Credit: Voxel

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