Simplistic Luxury Timepieces - The Ressence 'Minimalist Cobalt Blue Type 8' Watch is Understated (

Ressence, one of the most innovative watchmaking brands known to collectors, has announced the release of its simple yet unique luxury models called 'Minimalist Cobalt Blue Type 8.' As its name suggests,
the watch features a simplistic look, while clean lines reveal the hours and minutes, and no numbers are seen on the casing.

The watch boasts hand-less dials making it ambidextrous, ensuring it can be worn comfortably on either hand. Its larger than usual 43 mm face provides a clean look that is easy on the eyes. The fully blue handpiece is light on the wrist weighing just 42 grams, making it essential everyday wear for consumers. The blue on blue aspect of the watch gives the appearance of the strap entering the frame. The crown holds a two-tone polished satin finish providing a smooth, dynamic way to display time.

Type 8 is a lighter, more casual model making it more affordable compared to previous releases. It is available for about half the price of other Ressence timepieces and will be released to the public on March 30, 2022.

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