Luxury Open-Dial Timepieces - Zenith Unveils Its Newest Watch Model, the Chronomaster Open (

Swiss luxury watchmaker Zenith has officially released its new 'Chronomaster Open' watch. To create the sleek new timepiece, the brand turned to its own archives, in particular, drawing inspiration from its early
2000s watches.

The Chronomaster Open comes in three new styles, including a classic stainless steel model with a silver dial, a stainless steel version with a black dial, and a rose gold option with a silver dial. As the name suggests, all three versions come with a completely open dial, which features a visible 16 parts, including a balance wheel, escape wheel, seconds wheel, and the company's signature star branding.

“It’s a very strong concept that was created in 2003 in order to enable clients to understand high frequency [watchmaking]. We had to rework the movement to skeletonize around the escapement position, to enable people to see inside the movement, to see the heartbeat – to help people understand high frequency," said Zenith’s Head of Product Development and Heritage Director, Romain Marietta.

Image Credit: Zenith

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