Faux Leather Riding Boots - GmbH Launched the Ergonomic Riding Ankle Boot in Two Colorways (TrendHunter.com)

GmbH released the 'Ergonomic Riding Ankle Boot' as part of its Spring/Summer 2022 collection. This is a mid-top boot made out of pleather with various aesthetic nods to horse-riding boots. The boot
is available in the 'Black Pleather' and "Blue Denim' colorways at a price point of $510 USD.

The boot features an asymmetrical zipper that runs from one side of the ankle to the opposite side of the foot. The heel of the boot is thick with a silver-tone metal plate that creates a rugged riding boot feel. As for the branding on the boot, GmbH's logo is visible on both the heel and the zipper pulls. Aside from these subtle design choices, the boot offers an elegant, smooth look through its minimalist use of silver-toned metal.

Image Credit: Machine-A, GmbH

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