Frozen Ocean-Inspired Watches - Montblanc's Newest Timepiece Boasts an Iced Sea Dial (

Montblanc announced the '1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date,' a modern dive watch with several nostalgic design choices. The most notable aspect of this timepiece is its dial. The dial features a uniform
background color with lightened texturing that results in it appearing like a frozen sea. This phenomenon is immediately recognizable on the blue colorway, however, the watch is also available in black and green options.

The 1858 Iced Sea boasts two nostalgic designs: a date complication on the "3" hour marker, and a syringe-style design for the hour and minute hands. The syringe-style hands give the watch a bulky feel commonly associated with more traditional diver watches. As a luxury diver watch, this timepiece is suited for a depth of up to 1000ft through its reliable waterproofing and pressure-resisting technologies.

Image Credit: Montblanc

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