Timeless Workwear Collections - visvim Just Recently Released Its Fall/Winter 2023 Offerings (TrendHunter.com)

Timeless workwear collections have become a staple of the contemporary fashion world as many brands attempt to effortlessly balance style-forward sensibilities with durability and function. One recent example of this fashion genre
comes from the Japanese label visvim.

For Fall/Winter 2023, visvim embraces craft, quality, and luxury in its timeless workwear collection. The pieces can be effortlessly styled. The silhouettes display the brand's intense precision and attention to detail which is often what sets visvim apart from other brands in the industry. The Japanese label also plays around with materials and dyes. For instance, the jersey fabrics are customized while vegetable, indigo, and mud dyes are used to deliver unique and visually striking design elements.

The visvim Fall/Winter 2023 collection includes insulator jackets, shop coats, knit sweaters, and boots.

Image Credit: visvim/ Keisuke Fukamizu

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