Bag-Accented Bag Designs - Louis Vuitton's Plastic Bag Retails for $4,000 (

Louis Vuitton recently released two cheeky see-through plastic bag designs that draw inspiration from freezer bags and feature "an ordinary LV handbag inside." The luxury accessories, which retail for nearly $4,000 USD
each, definitely capture attention. The products are aptly named the 'Freezer Handle Soft Trunk' and the 'Freezer Sac Plat.'

The Louis Vuitton plastic bags are actually made entirely of silver-coated leather and the label's signature monogrammed canvas. The straps boast 3D cowhide leather. The style of the freezer-inspired bags is truly novel and bizarre, allowing the brand to generate hype through confusion and amusement—something that many luxury brands are embracing.

The designs of the 'Freezer Handle Soft Trunk' and the 'Freezer Sac Plat' truly push the boundaries of imitation and challenge traditional perceptions of luxury.

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

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