Ultra-Luxurious Menswear Collections - Dior Men's Fall/Winter 2023 Pays Homage to Yves Saint Laurent (TrendHunter.com)

Led by creative director Kim Jones, the Dior Men's Fall/Winter 2023 exudes an impossibly elegant aesthetic with subtle cues to great designers. In fact, much of the tailoring, color palette, and overall
style of the capsule pays homage to the late Yves Saint Laurent "who succeeded Christian Dior as the Parisian label’s lead designer in 1957" and made a name for himself in the fashion industry.

The Dior Men's Fall/Winter 2023 embodies elegance, comfort, and functionality. It draws inspiration from Yves Saint Laurent's distinct style codes, as well as from the water—namely, the rivers Thames and Seine. The capsule debuted alongside a campaign, shot by Rafael Pavarotti. The images showcase complex and highly sophisticated silhouettes on captivating moody backdrops. The campaign officially debuts on July 25th.

Image Credit: Rafael Pavarotti, hypebeast

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