Pre-Distressed Sneaker-Inspired Mules - Balenciaga Drew Inspiration from an Old Footwear Design (

Balenciaga recently introduced a new sneaker-inspired mule, which is currently retailing for $750 USD, and the silhouette draws inspiration from an older footwear design by the luxury brand. The original was the
Paris Sneakers, a yellowish hi-top silhouette that was dramatically pre-distressed and sold for $1,850 USD.

The new Paris sneaker-inspired mule continues this ultra-worn-in aesthetic for Summer 2023. The off-white vulcanized sole features black scuff marks, and the denim-effect upper comes pre-faded. The design even has useless laces as a detail.

Balenciaga has certainly embraced unconventional mules, blending the sophistication of the footwear design with a strong sporty sensibility. In recent years, the luxury label has boasted collaborations like the Balenciaga x Birkenstock Balenci-Stock mule model, as well as solo forays like the sporty Triple S Mule Hybrid and the 3XL Sneaker-Mules.

Image Credit: Balenciaga

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