Luxe Monochromatic Slip-On Shoes - Dior's B23 Slip-On Shoes are Minimal and Boast a Minimal Colorway (

Luxury fashion house Dior works in collaboration with Shawn Stussy on a pair of the B23 Slip-On shoe silhouette for the summer season. The duo take the model and adorn it in
a minimal black and white color palette for a simplistic look.

Across the front of the shoe is a signature embellishment done in a hand-drawn style that references the design language of Stussy. The shoe is laceless and draws some stylistic influence of skate culture. The uppers are constructed from a black canvas material for sturdy and breathable elements. It also features clear plastic that is found at the tongue and collar to expose some branding details, which travel to the vamp in embroidery as well.

Image Credit: 24s

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