Premium Pure Diamond Acquisitions - Louis Vuitton Recently Acquired the Extremely Pure Sethunya (

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton recently announced its premium acquisition of the 'Sethunya.' The Sethunya is a heavyweight 549-carat diamond that was discovered in Botswana's Karowe mine. The word "Sethunya" translates
to "flower" in Setswana and references the house's monogram as well.

The white body is extremely pure and makes it ideal to be cut into polished stones and the house has plans to do so. It is partnering with artisans from HB Antwerp to create bespoke cuttings made-to-order for clients. The raw shape estimates the stone to be between 1-2 billion years old. HB Antwerp and Lucara Diamond Corp. both aim to take a transparent route to embody strong ethics throughout the sourcing process.

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

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