Fully Reflective Parkas - Canada Goose and Concepts Updated the MacMillan Parka (TrendHunter.com)

For the Fall/Winter 2020 fashion season, Canada Goose joined forces with Boston streetwear label Concepts to launch a fully reflective jacket that updates the classic 'MacMillan Parka.'

In daylight, the jacket

boasts a sleek gray colorway, which transitions to a bright white at night that becomes reflective when hit with light. Apart from giving the jacket a futuristic look, this makes the design perfect for pedestrians throughout the winter months, when daylight hours are limited and it becomes more difficult for drivers to see. The MacMillan Parka's reflective material is also windproof and resistant to water—combining the classic silhouette with luxury performance.

Deon Point, Concepts' creative director, spoke to the partnership, stating "For this collaboration, we looked to snow, ice and albedo as inspiration to reimagine the iconic MacMillan Parka in a reflective material for a new seasonal feeling. The core of Canada Goose is a result of the elements so this was a great foundation to start with."

Image Credit: Canada Goose / Concepts

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