Dramatic Patterned Luxe Sneakers - Versace's Trigreca Sneakers are Detailed with Branded Emblems (TrendHunter.com)

Luxury fashion house Versace launches a new design iteration of the Trigreca sneaker model for the season. The house is known for its iconic Medusa head motif and Greca patterning. This time
around, the shoe is decorated with the Greca pattern throughout.

It takes the famous motif, which has been prominent since 1988, and updates it for this year's seasonal range. The midsole displays this pattern in a twisted black and white palette and on top of this is a gray foundation that makes up the upper's base. It is overlayed with hues of blue and black to add more tonal dimension to the model. Branding details can be found on the throat, beneath the collar, tongue tag, and at the heel.

Image Credit: 24s

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