Shoppable Luxury Videos - Instagram Taps Celine Dion for Its First In-App Shopping Campaign (

Last year, Instagram launched an in-app shopping campaign that featured Celine Dion. The video showcases the Canadian singer scrolling through "a curated selection of clothing items and accessory that users can buy
through Instagram." Among the 18 labels featured, names like Marc Jacobs, adidas, Oscar De La Renta, and Michael Kors stand out. The social media platform seeks to capture the "current Zeitgeist around 1990s nostalgia" by referencing the Dion's 'It's All Coming Back to Me Now' which was released in 1996.

This marketing campaign marks Instagram's first major promotion of its in-app shopping feature. The video with Celine Dion is fully shoppable. "When posted by the brands with shoppable posts enabled, the video has a shopping bag icon on the lower left that opens a list of the products users can buy directly through Instagram when tapped."

Image Credit: Instagram

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