Luxe Calfskin Leather Sneakers - Dior's Dior-ID Sneakers Arrive to Celebrate Lunar New Year (

Luxury French fashion house Dior introduces a new set of Dior-ID sneaker models for the season. The women's footwear design is made in a contemporary aesthetic with a low profile silhouette. The
minimally designed shoe is made using luxe calfskin leather materials at the upper and features contrasting stitching from the ankle to the forefoot area.

The shoe also boasts leather banners on both sides of the forefoot. As some branding details, the lateral side of the shoe printed of "Dior-ID" in a gilded lettering. The heels feature a canvas overlay and matched tonally to the leather banners. The bottom of the shoe is slightly chunky and the slew of colorways are expansive to cater to preferences.

Image Credit: Dior

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