Inflatable Monogram Outerwear - Louis Vuitton Launches a New Air-Filled Gilet and Blouson (

Louis Vuitton introduces a new set of Inflatable Monogram canvas blouson and gilet as unique bold fashion statements for the season. The air cushioned luxury fashion items are made in Belgium and
the construction process uses polyvinylchloride, which can be inflated to the desirable fill.

The inflatable monogram canvas blouson is done in a clear design with an all-over print of the iconic Monogram emblem. The frosted look is enclosed with a white zipper at the middle of the front. It boasts a removable hood with snap buttons and a valve for the air entry. The inflatable monogram canvas gilet is blended with a clear PVC and classic brown monogram , central zipper, and v-neck.

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

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