Pointy Luxury Label Sneakers - The Prada Synthesis is a Strange Twist on the Classic Chuck Taylor (TrendHunter.com)

The Prada Synthesis has been unveiled as the Italian luxury fashion house's take on Converse's ever-popular Chuck Taylor sneaker.

Similarly to the classic model that first made its debut as a

basketball shoe, Prada's variation features white toe-caps, single-toned canvas uppers, and a striped midsole. The main difference is the pointed toe, which gives the sneakers an odd cross-over look that's received some mixed reviews. The brand has also thinned out the midsole, helping to accentuate the sharp point of the toes. In place of Converse's typical branding, Prada includes its name on the tongues and heels of the sneakers.

The Prada Synthesis is available in both low and high-top variations, and also comes in black and white colorways.

Image Credit: Prada

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