Premium Fashion Brand Activewear - Fendi Active is the Sub-Label Inspired by Basketball Designs (

With the arrival of the Spring season very soon, luxury fashion house Fendi introduces a new slew of items under its sub-label Fendi Active for the Spring/Summer 2021 season. The lifestyle branch
is inspired by basketball silhouettes for the first ever capsule.

The collection is full of bold color palettes and a plethora of branding accents throughout, as the logo is the most prominent detail. It makes its way onto items such as the longboard, a cap, and some apparel. The garments range from workout sets to lightweight varsity jackets. A notably piece is the workout sets, made with mesh panels for breathability and snap buttons for security. The set is made up of a jacket and matching trousers that boast the ability to remove the sleeves and legs.

Image Credit: Fendi

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