Strong Patterning Luxe Sandals - Dior Unveils a Beige and Black Iteration of the Atlas Sandal (

Luxury fashion house Dior introduces a new tonal iteration of the Atlas Sandal for the Summer 2021 season. The French label details the shoes with familiar patterning that is signature to the
house. The upper is made up of two main panel areas that blend both Oblique Jacquard pattern over the bridge of the foot area.

This is then layered with soft suede materials on top. The warped panels around the midfoot will add more dimension and textures to the shoe. It is all held together with buckled straps to hold the wearer in place around the heel, the toe box, and the mid foot. The colorway fuses black, white, and navy blue, sitting atop a thick footbed.

Image Credit: Dior

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