Premium Pure Diamond Acquisitions - Louis Vuitton Recently Acquired the Extremely Pure Sethunya (

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton recently announced its premium acquisition of the 'Sethunya.' The Sethunya is a heavyweight 549-carat diamond that was discovered in Botswana's Karowe mine. The word "Sethunya" translates

Luxury Children's Earmuffs - Burberry's Thomas Bear Cashmere Earmuffs are Playful and Practical (

Burberry's Thomas Bear Cashmere Earmuffs are a luxury winter accessory for children that combines playful and practical design details. The luxury British fashion house is known for its timeless and sophisticated aesthetic

Luxury Breathable Monogram Shoes - The Premium LV Trainer Sneaker Arrives in Bright Colorway Options (

Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton introduces a new set of LV Trainer sneakers for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. The design was originally unveiled during the SS20 runway show, adorning a classic trail

Luxe Patterned Flannel Shirts - Burberry Garners Attention with the Contrast Check Cotton Flannel (

Luxury fashion house Burberry introduces a new piece that is undoubtedly captivating the attention of fashion lovers with the launch of the Contrast Check Cotton Flannel Reconstructed Shirt. The design blends elements

Haute Inclement Weather Footwear - The Balenciaga Excavator Rainboots are Protective (

The Balenciaga Excavator Rainboots are one of the latest creations from the high-fashion brand that is likely to come as welcome news to avid explorers looking to stay prepared for inclement weather

Shiny Leather Scuba Jackets - Balenciaga's Scuba Style Jacket Boasts Calf Leather Materials (

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga introduces a new shiny design in the form of a leather scuba style jacket to join the Fall/Winter 2020 season. The silhouette is a notable design following the

Cozy Down-Filled Jackets - This New Stone Island Jacket is Resistant to Water and Wind (

Italian luxury apparel label Stone Island has added the Garment-Dyed Crinkle Reps Down Jacket to its 2020 lineup, preparing consumers for the cold weather with a stylish statement piece.

The bright

Tokyo-Exclusive Luxury Designs - Balenciaga Launches Exclusive Designs at the Aoyama Store (

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga introduces more exclusive drops -- this time around, the house turns its attention to the Aoyama store location. It is set to reopen shortly in Tokyo and to

Sneaker-Inspired Luxe Boots - Balenciaga's New Tyrex Leather Biker Boots are Inspired by the Sneaker (

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga introduces the new Tyrex Leather Biker Boots, which is an impressive silhouette that is designed with inspiration drawn from the house's own Tyrex sneaker model. The shoe boasts

Luxury Monogram Indoor Shoes - Dior Recently Unveiled the New 'Chez Moi' Slide and Ankle Boot (

As consumers continue to seek comfortable loungewear in the extended remote working period, Dior is offering some luxurious alternatives to the standard slipper with its new Chez Moi collection of monogram indoor

Childhood-Inspired Seasonal Fashion - Dior's Resort 2021 Menswear Capsule is Inspired by Dior's Home (

Kim Jones unveils the new Dior Resort 2021 Menswear collection that is made possible with the help of global artists. The seasonal range is led by Jones and he drew inspiration from

Luxe Airy Sleek Sneakers - Balmain Launches the Chunky B-Runner Sneakers with Light Designs (

Luxury fashion house Balmain introduces its latest footwear to join its premium roster in the form of the B-Runner. The most notable element of the shoe is its lightweight construction. It is